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Zhangzhou China Merchants Port BTOS Project

In May 2014, China Merchants Holding International Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Signed "Technology Development Contract for CMPort BTOS System Development and Implementation Project" with Zhangzhou China Merchants Port.

In October 2014, CMPort BTOS was officially launched at the Zhangzhou China Merchants Port.

The CMPort BTOS system is based on the business features of the bulk cargo terminal, according to the vehicle, ship, cargo and manpower, with the operations as the core and the business billing as the node. The production departments are closely linked and the operations of the entire terminal are included in the system management. BTOS provides strong support for the efficient and convenient service of the terminal. The system has advanced technical architecture and superior performance. The main functions include: Document management, Job scheduling Management, Gate Management, Tally Management, Warehouse Management, Business billing Management, and Labor Settlement Management.


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