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Company News - CMPort Won the Nomination Award in the Third Chinese Quality Award

On 2nd November, the award ceremony for the 3rd China Quality Award, organised by the State Administration for Market Regulation, was held in Beijing. 

The State Councillor Wang Yong attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. China Merchants Port Development (Shenzhen) Company Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (“CMPort” or the “Company”), was honoured with the Nomination Award in the 3rd China Quality Award for its “solid and efficient delicacy quality management model”, and became the first awarded enterprise in port and shipping industry in China.

China Quality Award is the most prestigious quality award organised and reviewed by the Chinese government departments. It was proposed by the former General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, and approved by the State Council. The award is of high authority and impartiality through voluntary submission, form review, material review, expert review, statement defence, on-site assessment, plenary voting by the Evaluation and Commendation Committee, and the approval by the Director’s meeting of the General Administration. The China Quality Award is held every two years, aiming to appreciate the organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the quality management of all industries in China, and thus to serve as a benchmark for the quality management of various industries in China.

CMPort winning the Nomination Award in the Chinese Quality Award this time is a high degree of affirmation from the relevant government departments of the country on the provision of outstanding services to customers by the Company, representing the port service level of China in the past 40 years since the Reform and Opening up, and reflecting the Company’s attitude and ability to take part in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. It will also motivate and inspire the development of China’s port industry.




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