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CMG's emergency working group of NCP prevention and control holds the 8th meeting

On March 4, China Merchants Group's emergency working group on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus held the eighth meeting. The meeting conveyed and studied the instructions and documents issued by the higher authorities as well as made further requirements for major tasks at present. Group Chairman, Li Jianhong, head of the working group, presided over the meeting. Group President, Hu Jianhua, deputy head of the working group, as well as the Group's leading body (also members of the emergency working group) attended the meeting either in person or through video conferencing.

The meeting heard a report given by the working group's office on the recent anti-epidemic work. Full recognition was given to the efforts made by each unit within the Group for epidemic prevention and control from the previous stage. The meeting stressed that four major relationships should be handled carefully at the current stage of work: first, the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. Subsidiaries at all levels should make detailed anti-epidemic working plans out of the purpose of ensuring work and production resumption, which must not lead to delay in return to work or the adoption of a passive and go-slow attitude at work, meanwhile strictly hold the bottom line of no clustering of cases; second, the relationship between strengthening management and providing assistance. Organization leadership and management must be strengthened in order to combat the outbreak. However, cadres at all levels should also provide assistance to grassroot organizations to tackle practical issues; third, the relationship between positive incentives and serious accountability. Close attention should be paid to cadres who have performed outstandingly or failed to undertake responsibilities throughout the blocking battle of epidemic prevention and control, the positional battle of work and production resumption and the uphill battle of annual goals; fourth, the relationship between strengthening points of weakness and reinforce foundation. At present, the global political and economic uncertainties have increased significantly. All units must summarize and reflect on this epidemic situation and consolidate the capacity to resist risks and the tenacity of development.


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